Transhumanist Imagination

transhumanist imagination


The previous work of project director Hava Tirosh-Samuelson has paved the way for a serious academic analysis of the cultural significance of transhumanism. That work focused primarily on movements and trends within the United States, and only touched on the European discourse on human enhancement and converging technologies. Europe is also a site for leading intellectual developments regarding postsecularism. In order to engage European intellectuals who are at the forefront of this scholarship and to expand the reach of the project, we plan to hold an interdisciplinary, international research conference in Germany to reflect on the connection between secularized religion and technological innovation. This conference will gather leading social theorists, humanists, theologians, specialists in technology and science policies, and other public intellectuals to explore the social, cultural, and religious ramifications of transhumanism. The conference is being organized in collaboration with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology’s Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (KIT-ITAS) and will be held in the Karlsruhe-Heidelberg region on July 8-9, 2013. Christopher Coenen with KIT-ITAS is serving as the conference coordinator.

"Fragments of a broken future: On secular eschatologies and the aesthetic imagination"
"Singularity University: Visioneering the future?"
"Beyond humanisms"
"Charles Darwin’s Critical Assessment of Contemporary Visions of Human Enhancement"
"Faith in science in global perspective: Implications for transhumanism"
"Is transhumanism what the Western cultural project has always been about?"
"Manifestations of the post-secular in the post-human imagination"
"Free your mind, enhance your spirit: Optimization as religion without salvation”
“Human Enhancement: The hermeneutical side of technology assessment and vision assessment”
“’Erotic pleasure of an intoxicating intensity that mortal flesh has never known’ – the glorious sex life of the posthuman”
“Perfecting the future: Sociotechnical imaginaries and the public good”
“’Real Humans’: Hubots as agents of cultural change”
“Justifying human enhancement: The case for posthumanity”
“Towards an ecology of visions: A short introduction to religious future management”
“Born from shame: Desiring the new human”
“Ethics of wishing”
“Posthumanism, Policy, and Performance: Exploring interdisciplinary connections at Exeter University, UK”
“In between Post- and Transhumanism (Or: Traces of Metahumanism)”
“Democratising socio-technological imagination”
“From Memex to iPhone: Cognitive enhancement from Vannevar Bush to Steve Jobs”