Transhumanist Imagination

transhumanist imagination

Faculty Seminar

The interdisciplinary faculty seminar at Arizona State University (ASU) provides a key context for on-going theoretical reflection and engagement with the empirical findings emerging from the case studies. ASU is the largest public university in the country, with distinct expertise in the study of science and technology and an emphasis on cross-disciplinary collaboration as a way to advance new approaches to complex questions. ASU is also home to the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict, an interdisciplinary research center that examines the role of religion as a driving force in human affairs, with a strong emphasis on issues of religion and secularism and religion, science and technology. The interdisciplinary faculty seminar, which will build on the work of previous faculty seminars on religion, science and technology, will meet regularly throughout the life of the project. By providing the context for the presentation and review of the case studies, as well as additional readings and presentations by visiting speakers, the seminar plays a central role in providing theoretical coherence to the project as well as providing a space for more exploratory conversations.

Co-Project Director and Co-Principal Investigator; Director of Jewish Studies, Irving and Miriam Lowe Professor of Modern Judaism, and Professor of History
Co-Project Director and Co-Principal Investigator; Assistant Professor of Biology and Society
Senior Sustainability Scholar, Global Institute of Sustainability; Associate Professor, English and Environmental Humanities, School of Letters and Sciences
Senior Sustainability Scientist, Global Institute of Sustainability; Assistant Professor, Department of English, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Director of the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict and Dean's Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies
Post-doctoral Fellow in Science and Religion
Associate Professor in the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies
Associate Professor of Psychology
Director & Assistant Professor
Lincoln Professor of Law, Culture and Values
Associate Professor of German Studies and Information Literacy
Emeritus Professor in the School of Life Sciences
Professor of Law
Associate Director of the Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes.
Professor of Health Physics in the School of Life Sciences
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology (Social), College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Professor and Vice Provost for Academic Personnel
Associate Professor of Performance Studies
Associate Professor
Harold and Jean Grossman Professor of Jewish Studies
Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Law
Professor of Practice