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Adam Cohen


Associate Professor of Psychology


Department of Psychology



Adam B.Cohen (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania) is Associate Professor of psychology and affiliated faculty of the Barrett Honors College, the Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity, the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict, the Jewish Studies area, and the Center for Strategic Communication, at Arizona State University.   He was the 2009 Margaret Gorman early career award winner from the American Psychological Association.

Dr.Cohen's research fuses cultural, social, evolutionary, and personality psychology. He is interested in how religious differences function as cultural differences, affecting domains including religious identity and motivation, well-being, moral judgment, forgiveness, and the like. Dr. Cohen is also interested in applying evolutionary theory to religion.

Dr.Cohen is the author of more than 40 peer-reviewed articles.  He is associate editor of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, and is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Religion, Brain, & Behavior, and Frontiers in Cultural Psychology