Transhumanist Imagination

transhumanist imagination

Sang-Hyun Kim


Research Associate Case Study Team; Professor at Hanyang University




Originally trained as a solid state chemist (D.Phil. Oxford), Dr. Kim later moved to the field of STS, and received his Ph.D. in history & sociology of science from the University of Edinburgh, U.K. His Ph.D. work at Edinburgh examined the development of climate science in Britain during the period from the 1950s to mid-1980s, with particular respect to the issue of global warming. But Sang-Hyun’s current research focuses on the cultural politics of science and technology in Korea (where he grew up and did his first degree in chemistry). For instance, he is interested in how Korea’s dominant sociotechnical visions came about, how these visions have informed the development and integration of science and technology into Korean society, and how they are imbued with the imagination of Korean nationhood.