Transhumanist Imagination

transhumanist imagination

Arthur Sabatini


Associate Professor of Performance Studies


Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance



Arthur J. Sabatini earned a B.A. in humanities and an M.A. in English at Ohio University. In 1994 Dr. Sabatini completed his Ph.D. in Performance Studies through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at New York University. He has also worked as an arts writer and in arts administration.Dr. Sabatini has taught at NYU, as well as Drexel University and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, before coming to ASU’s West campus in 1992. He was one of the faculty members who designed New College’s interdisciplinary arts and performance program and the Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies.Dr. Sabatini’s current research focus examines how contemporary artists, arts groups and arts institutions research, investigate and produce interdisciplinary artwork.As both a scholar and a performer/writer, Dr. Sabatini is currently expanding his one-act, multimedia play, “Certain Explanation/Magical Walking.” The play was performed in 2008. He also has performed as The Chronicler in live performance/webcasts of “iOrpheus: An iPod Opera” in Brisbane, Australia (see and “Orpheus: The Myth Retold” with the Cathedral Band in Phoenix and internationally.At the West campus, Dr. Sabatini teaches classes including “20th/21st Century Art, Media and Performance, "” "Language, Culture and Performance, “Art and Knowledge,” and “The Critical Artist.”